The Three Cows

The three cows are named Bess, Daisy and Rose.  They stand in their stanchions chewing their cuds and waiting to be milked.  Sarah will milk Rose while Mother milks Bess and Daisy.  Sarah’s hands are small but strong.  She takes a teat in each hand and squeezes.  The milk comes out of the teat and streams into the pail.  Slowly the pail fills up with warm, foamy milk.  Rose gives about 1 gallon of milk…that is more than 750 squeezes.  No wonder Sarah’s hands are strong!

Rose and Daisy and Bess are gentle, patient cows.  They don’t seem to mind giving milk in exchange for hay and shelter.

Sarah and Mother finish milking at about the same time.  Mother takes most of the milk to the house, but she leaves a little for Sarah to feed to the calves.


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