Spinning Wool

In the afternoon, Grandmother spins wool into thread.  The wool was sheared from the sheep, of course.  Sarah’s job is to card the wool, until it is smooth and even. 

Grandmother is an expert at spinning: she can make slender thread to weave into fine cloth for shirts or petticoats.  Or she can spin heavier thread for weaving blankets, coats or rugs.  Or she can spin yarn to knit into warm heavy socks, mittens or shawls.  Grandmother can spin flax into linen thread, too.  

Sarah is learning, but she is not as good at spinning as Grandmother.  “When thee is as old as I am, dear child, thee will spin as fine as anyone could wish,” says Grandmother.  They work together and talk most of the afternoon.  Grandmother tells stories about when she was a little girl in England, before she came to America...and about the time the Indians brought a white feather to meeting. 

Sarah thinks, “If Henry tells me about the mill, I’ll tell him about Grandmother’s stories."

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